Warehouse Consulting

We are the SAP consulting partner who are experts in SAP warehouse management solutions. We help our clients identify the most suitable solutions and the core functionality used within each solution.

Business People

Our team of SAP professionals are truly warehouse business people who know SAP. We bring the right combination of industry and SAP expertise for your SAP needs.

S/4 HANA Experience

Our SAP professionals have hands-on experience on the latest SAP technologies. Working closely with SAP in rolling out latest solutions to the major customers.

Mobile Frontend

We are the maker of iRF for SAP. The world’s first modern RF mobile frontend for SAP Warehouse Management. Our modern mobile interface provides┬áresponsive user interface to improve warehouse operations productivity.



SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is the best-in-class warehouse management solution designed to manage and track logistics execution processes. It manages movements in the warehouse, mitigate problems and issues with enhanced warehouse efficiency, and transform operations into an adaptive fulfillment supply chain.

Comprehensive Warehouse Processes

A complete, integrated solution warehouse management offering. Covering all inbound processes, storage and operations, and outbound processes in one solution.

Full Transparency

Warehouse operations reporting and monitoring provides full warehouse operations visibility for efficient performance monitoring and problem resolution

Flexible Automation

Fully integrated with material flow system (MFS), controlling pallet and case conveyors. Complete routing and event modeling in SAP EWM.

High Performance & Volume

Handles retail distribution center speed and volumes, 420,000 delivery items in a day.

Large-sized Warehouse

Built-in optimizing tools. Graphical warehouse layout for visualize warehouse object details. Calculate travel paths and distance.

All Industries

In-depth industry specific processes, including automotive, chemicals, consumer products, retail, service parts, high-tech, and life sciences.



Solution Overview

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is a powerful warehouse analytics and monitoring. It provides warehouse management features like: advanced warehouse optimization, high performance warehouse execution, material flow system technology integration, deep integration with SAP Business Suite, industry-specific process support, and rapid implementation tools.



SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) manages and tracks logistics execution processes. It offers flexible modeling of warehouse processes, stock and process transparency.


We make iPhone apps, Apple Watch apps, and barcode solutions for SAP EWM


Advanced Features

SAP EWM is the best-of-breeds WMS in the market. It is the way to go for SAP customers.

Labour Demand Planning
Graphical Warehouse Layout
Performance Dashboard
Carton Calculation
Wave Pick Planning
Advanced Returns Management
Dock Appointment
Automated Conveyors
Mobile Device